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Best selling Dance Books

by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis - Dance to your Maximum

Full colour, glossy paper, HARD cover, 27 chapters, 336 pages. Size 21 x 28 cm

Hard work is not enough to become a great Ballroom dancer. There are too many factors that need effective solutions. This book brings you the help you need. It is practical, full of examples, exercises and personal tests to help you turn your threats into opportunities. It gives you all you need to know to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for competitive Ballroom dancing.

A list of the topics covered by the book: What counts during competitions, Stress & preparations, Greater performances, Using keywords, The Nine step connection model Competition evaluation, Personal test, Season planning, Planning your choreography, The selection of competitions, Practical practice points, Effective appearances Career planning, Personal goal setting, Determine who you are, Determine what you really want Determine what you can do, The importance of concept, Long-term goals


Maximiliaan Winkelhuis - Dance without stress

Full colour, glossy paper, HARD cover, 247 pages. Size 17.5 x 13 cm

This is a second book written by Maximiliaan Winkelhuis, the author of the best selling "Dance to your Maximum" book.

It is a small book, easily fitting in your shoe bag while travelling. A must-read for any competitive dancer, teacher and dance coach. This new book offers you a hundred easy stress rescues plus clever stress tests that Maximiliaan has created over the last 20 years while working with great dancers.

Enjoy the practical suggestions and free yourself from competition stress. Turn yourself into an alert, attractive dancer. Try out the suggestions and find out how well they work for you. Dozens of World Champions and hundreds of National Champions have used these techniques developed by Team Amsterdam and Dutch Dance Lab. Topics covered include: Stress or Excitement, Four levels of being a dancer, What are the stress signals, Stress rescuers, Know your venue, Your biological clock, Enjoy wearing your dress or suit, Self-hypnosis with five fingers, Your role model, Checklists: Two months before, Two weeks before, The day before, The day

Suitable for Ballroom, Latin-American, Wheelchair dancing, Formation dancing, Show dance, Rock'n'Roll, Disco, American Smooth, American Rhythm and Freestyle dance.


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