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Anatomy & Physiology Dance Books

Conditioning for Dance

By Eric Franklin. Training for peak performance in all dance forms. With exercises for flexibility, strength, balance etc. 240 pages

Diet for Dancers

by Robin D. Chmelar. A Complete Guide to Nutrition and Weight Control. How to lose Fat. What to eat and When to Eat. Fads and Frauds. Menus and Meal planning. Eating disorders. 164 pages

Preventing Dance Injuries

By Ruth Solomon, John Solomon, Sandra Cerny Minton. Medical background to warm ups, exercises and dance. 244 pages

Dance and Dancers' Injuries

By Chris Caldwell To reach the top, dancers have to go through punishing training regimes, pushing their bodies to the limit. This book addresses: Injury Problems, Warming Up and Warming Down; Factors Causing Injuries and effective Remedies.

Dance Technique and Injury Prevention

Justine Howse and Shirley Hancock A very detailed book describing the anatomy and how injury to the dancer can be prevented.

The Fit and Healthy Dancer

Yiannis Koutedakis & N C Craig Sharp A long overdue contribution to dance literature that empowers dancers and their tutors.

Fitness on a Plate - Anita Bean

Fitness on a plate is the must-have guide to nutrition and healthy eating for anyone leading active life. From keen Sportspersons to the occasional gym-goer, Anita Bean gives clear, easy to follow advise on how to achieve a balanced diet.

A Sense of Dance - Constance A. Schroder

With a Sense of Dance you will learn about the physical expression of dance, gain confidence in your movement potential, and discover your own creativity

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery is a fantastic book that will help you explore the importance of posture and dynamic alignment.

Dance Mind and Body - Sandra Minton

Make the transition from simple body movements to kinetic works of art

Experiencing Dance - Helen Scheff

A guide to getting the most from your dancing, as an artist or choreographer

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