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Exchanging links

We are open for business and are happy to exchange links with other dance related sites. You are more than welcome to place a link to Dancesport UK site on yours.

Name: Dancesport UK
URL: http://www.dancesport.uk.com

After you have done so, E-mail the URL of the site you placed the link at, to webmaster@zem.co.uk and we will also link your site from ours.

Download our banner

Feel free to download our home page banner and place it on your site with an active link to Dancesport UK site. You can download the full size banner

or smaller logo

making it an active link to http://www.dancesport.uk.com

(To download the pictue place a mouse over it and click the RIGHT mouse button. A menu should pop up, from which you should be able to select "Save as...")

Banner advertising

Why not promote your site even further by placing your (animated) banner with an active link to your site on our home page http://www.dancesport.uk.com which has an established readership of several thousand visitors a day.
  • £ 200.00 per month
  • £ 400.00 per quarter
  • £ 650.00 for 6 months
  • £ 1000.00 for 12 months
There is 75% discount for banners placed on page other than our home page:
  • £ 50.00 per month
  • £ 100.00 per quarter
  • £ 150.00 for 6 months
  • £ 250.00 for 12 months

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