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International Dance Shoes (along with Supadance) are one of the first and biggest dance shoe makers in the world. They have a very large catalogue of designs and it must be said are very flexible in being able to fit the shoe to your foot. They offer:
  • Regular
  • Wide
  • Extra Wide,
  • Extra Extra Wide
  • Narrow
  • Extra Narrow
  • Extra Extra Narrow
fittings in almost all their designs. The Extra Wide and Narrow fittings are only made to order, but this is still an achievement considering that even the biggest shoe supplier Supadance offer only a few Extra Wide models.

International Dance Shoes are the company who first invented ladies heels which are a little wider at the bottom than in the middle. Their design called IDS heel was then reproduced by all other companies under the name flared/flare/fleur heels.

Marcus and Karen Hilton MBE, multiple Professional British Open and World Champions spent their entire dancing life in International dance shoes.

International Heel Types and Heights

Heel height is measured in the middle of the heel (excluding the heel tip)

IDS is the name used by International for the type of heel called by other companies FLARED.

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