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DANSport Basic Collection

DANSport Basic Collection shoes are the cheapest on the market today, however very well made by International Dance Shoes factory. In our opinion a good value for money.

Although the amount of styles, heels and materials of dance shoes on the market today is enormous, most dancers stick to quite typical combinations. The idea behind the birth of this collection was to create a low priced brand of shoes not by sacrificing the quality, but by limiting the number of heel, style and material choices and therefore achieving a more affordable collection for those who are happy with the basic choices.

So although you can be assured about the quality - you will not have too many choices when it comes to the number of styles. This is why this collection is called THE BASIC COLLECTION. DANSport Basic Collection shoes can not be made in materials other than those listed. Additionaly only Regular and Wide fitting is avaialble. (Wide fitting only with the most popular models).

Ladies heels:
2.5" IDS or 3" IDS

All shoes:
Softness assured

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