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Tango checkup session

Review and clean your Tango with Davide Baldanza

New! The first Argentine Tango check-up is open. Take your dancing for a checkup to a Tango doctor and clean it from any bad habits

While most Argentine Tango classes focus on adding new steps and tricks to your repertoir, it is very easy to develop various bad habits and not even be aware of it. If you learn from internet or DVD the teachers on the screen will never tell you if you are doing it right or wrong. But even if you attend group classes the teachers typically have too many students to focus on you and you may keep reinforcing bad habits.

The Tango checkup session will give you an impartial asessment of where your dancing is. It will also clean your Tango from any bad habits and misconceptions that may have accumulated. This will make you look better as a dancer, and also prepare solid foundations for more advanced figures in the future.

Our Tango doctor is Davide Baldanza, a professional Argentine Tango dancer, now based in UK, who previously run regular courses and topic oriented workshops and seminars in Milan, Naples, Sofia and Thessaloniki as well as performed on stage in a series of Tango shows.

During your appointment the Tango doctor will:

A. Watch your dancing (if you come as a couple) or dance with you (if you are a single person)
B. Explain your strong and weak points related to embrace, posture, leading or following, quality of movement, technique and musicality
C. Prescribe targeted exercises that will convert your weak points into strong ones (if you apply them regulary)

Our Tango checkup clinic is open on Wednesdays. An appointment takes 30 min. Cost £30 can be paid in advance by credit card or in cash on arrival. Your appointment is totally private and nobody else will be in the room. Booking is necessary to avoid overcrowding.

There are still some Tango check-up slots available as well as private lessons with Davide. If you would like to book your time slot or a private lesson with Davide contact Eva on webmaster@zem.co.uk

Address: unit 11, Odeon Parade, 480 London Rd, Isleworth, TW7 4RL

Get here by:
  • BR train from Waterloo, Clapham Jnct, Vauxhall to Isleworth and 5 min walk
  • Piccadilly line to Osterley and 15 min walk
  • Piccadilly line to Hounslow East and 15 min walk or 5 min by bus
  • Bus H37: from Richmond, to West Thames College Harvard Rd stop and 1 min walk
  • Bus 237: from White city, Shepherd's Bush to West Thames College Harvard Rd stop and 1 min walk
  • Bus 117: from Staines, Ashford to West Thames College Harvard Rd stop and 1 min walk
  • Bus 235: from Sunbury, Feltham to West Thames College Harvard Rd stop and 1 min walk
  • Car: Park on Harvard Rd or London Rd. Parking is free after 6pm
Locate a double wooden/glass door with green "480" sign on London Rd side. On the intercom press 1 1 and nothing else. Wait 30-40 sec. for a beep. After the beep pull the door. If it fails try again (we might have been busy and did not react on time). Walk up to the 3rd floor. Door 11 is at the top of the staircase.

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