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Did you know that:
Some competitive dance couples received from The Queen the higest possible honours: the M.B.E. (Member of the British Empire) for their achievements in competitive dancing. They are:

Marcus and Karen Hilton, M.B.E.
2 times Am Latin World Champions
Am 10 dance World Champions
Pro 10 dance World Champions
9 times Pro Standard Champions
7 times Pro Open British Standard Champions
8 times UK Pro Open Standard Champions

Donnie Burns and Gaynor Fairweather, M.B.E.
14 times World Professional Latin champions
5 times Grand Slam Winners

Bill and Bobbie Irvine, M.B.E.
Former World Professional Modern and Latin Champions

Peggy Spencer, MBE

Eva Allen and Nathan Widder Eva Allen Eva Allen and Anderson Moore

Eva Allen

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No other sporting activity has been so successful in winning championships for Britain as that of competitive dancing. On July 9, 1992 Her Majesty the Queen held a very special Garden Party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of her accession to the Throne. The Queen had invited all those sportsmen and sportswomen who during the 40 years of her reign won a World Championship for Britain. On that very special day no less than 55 British Ballroom Dance World Champions turned up at the Palace!

Ironically our own media give Ballroom Dancing very little recognition and there is hardly any coverage of dance events in the TV So, we have this web site for you ...

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