George Garcia & Christy Cote
Argentine Tango: Strictly Colgadas

Christy and George’s teaching is clear and precise and their dancing is exquisite. The instruction is completely in English and is professionally produced in an organized one-on-one format like a private lesson, making this video/DVD clear and easy to comprehend.

All figures on this videos/DVDs are demonstrated as the Leader, as the Follower and together. The stage is large enough to show complete patterns. The camera work does not focus primarily on the dancers feet. This provides an opportunity to see the upper body leading and following which is missing from many other tango videos and is actually the most important aspect.

This collection is highly recommended for dancers taking up authentic Argentine Tango, as well as for experienced tango dancers as a refresher course.

Shared axis turns or Colgadas have been the talk of the Argentine Tango scene in recent years. They are especially popular among "Nuevo" style dancers. Christy & George will take you through the basic technique of Colgadas and continue with some of the most challenging combinations in all of Christy & George's DVD collection. 15 figures in all!

  • Introduction - About Colgadas
  • Colgada Right from Position 2
  • Colgada Left from Position 2
  • Colgada from Cruzada and Barrida
  • Colgada from Cross System Check
  • Colgada from Arrastre
  • Colgada with Reverse Pasada
  • Colgada from Cadencia
  • Colgadas Left & Right from Cadencia
  • Colgadas Left & Right from Cadencia Milonguero Style
  • Colgada from Induced Barrida & Pasada to Corrida
  • Colgada from Linear Boleo
  • Colgada from Planeo & Barrida
  • Colgada from Walking Boleo & Espejo
  • Colgada from Back Sacada
  • Reverse Pasada, Forward Volcada, Linear Boleo & Colgada
  • Dance Demonstration
Running time: Approx. 82 min.

Strictly Colgadas - Price £29.95 Ref: DV-DATCC142

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