How to JIVE Le Roc French Jive

The ultimate party dance is LeRoc modern jive and this programme makes it so easy to learn. Modern Jive can be danced to a wide range of music from jazz, swing, blues, rock'n'roll and disco, through to virtually anything in the charts at the moment.

With music from the Firebirds, "How to Jive" also celebrates our swing or dance heritage and showcases vintage styles, including Lindy Hop/Jitterbug and 50's retro jive, as well as ballroom jive and acrobatic rock'n'roll.

The style of dance taught here is perfect to make you shine at any social occasion. The seven mini lessons build up to make a complete routine, which you can learn at your own pace and use to take the party by storm!

DVD extras include Instant Access, Freeze Frame, Digital sound.

This DVD is addressed to social dancers and the version of Jive tought here will differ quite dramatically from the Jive danced at ballroom competitions. Very little attention is given to explaining the steps (you have a freedom to make any steps as you feel fit). You will however quickly progress to various arm changing figures. No experience necessary.

The material includes:
  • Set 1: Push and Pull American spin - Top turn and return - American spin variation
  • Set 2: First move - Figure of Eight - Yo yo - Lady Spin
  • Set 3: Comb - Neckbreak - Lady's Comb - Sway
  • Set 4: Wurlitzer - Hatchback - Swizzle stick
  • Set 5: Backhander - Wrapper - Drop kick
  • Set 6: First jump - Change places - Pretzel - Twirl
  • Set 7: American spin - Butterfly - Overhead change - Seducer
Running time: 52 min

Ref: B-BDV033 Price £19.95

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