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Heel heights are measured by Volver in the centre of the heel and in some cases are slightly higher at the back. The table below shows the Real heights of various heel types.

Heel type Height at
the back (mm)
Height at
the back (inches)
50R 45mm 45mm 2 inch
50N 55mm 60mm 2.4 inch
70R 70mm 70mm 2.8 inch
70S 70mm 70mm 2.8 inch
80S 80mm 80mm 3.2 inch
80R 80mm 85mm 3.5 inch
90B 90mm 90mm 3.6 inch
90R 90mm 90mm 3.6 inch
90S 90mm 90mm 3.6 inch
100 No longer made 85mm 3.5 inch

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